Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer – CPT

Certified Personal Trainer with the International Academy for Sports Science and
Technology aims to prepare a fitness trainer to work with healthy fitness clients
through the management of their lifestyle and the design and implementation of
training programs with scientific bases based on customers’ goals and their health
and physical level.
The scientific material being taught is a PDF file as well as a booklet that includes
basic exercises, practical activities and terminology. The syllabus includes
theoretical lectures, practical activities and workshops in addition to self-study
Divided to:

-Total Guided Learning hours = 120 Hours .
-Total Self-Study Hours = 330 Hours.
-Total Qualification Time = 450 Hours

– Role of the PT.
– Human Movement & Functional Anatomy.
– Exercise Physiology.
– Nutrition.
– Lifestyle Management & Communication Skills.
– Psychosocial Aspects of Health & Fitness.
– Health & Safety.
– Health & Fitness Assessment.
– Training adaptation, exercise planning & programming.
– Business and marketing skills for personal trainers.

Fee : 500 USD


Guided Learning hours




Qualification Time